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Polymer Inflatable Quick Erection Shelter (IQES) is designed for immediate and convenient Shelter for various applications.

The main feature of the shelter is the in-built inflatable arch ribs. The shelter can be erected by 2-3 persons in approximately half hour, using foot pump or low pressure blower. The floor is an integral part of the Shelter due to which the Shelter is water and dust proof. Another feature of the Shelter is that it can be moved from place to place in erected condition by 3 to 4 men.

The deflated Shelter can be folded and in small compact containers for ease of transportation.

IQES is a modular Shelter and number of modules can be connected to form a large unit.

The Shelter is ideal for a variety of applications such as:

1.         Living accommodation at camp site

2.         Site office at project sites

3.         Field hospitals as examination/pre-operation/recovery rooms

4.         Command Post Temporary storage area

5.         Vehicle shelter

Technical Details:

Length           :                                               7.22 Mtrs

Width            :                                               5.2 Mtrs

Max. Height  :                                              2.6 Mtrs

Max. Height (under Rib)   :                       2.25 Mtrs

Floor Area (Approx)         :                       38 M2

Volume (Approx)               :                       75 M3

Volume when packed (Approx):            1.4 M X 0.98 M X 0.46 M = 0.63 M3

Door              :                                               2 Nos

Windows      :                                               4 Nos (0.75 M X 0.75 M)

Weight without accessories                   : 140 Kg (Max)

Pressure Inside Ribs        :                       2 to 3 psi